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BioMedia Communications, LLC is delighted to announce the reopening of our studio in Wilmington, DE.

Or call our Studio Manager, Chris Merillo, directly at 302.654.5790.

222 Philadelphia Pike - Suite 8
Wilmington, DE 19809
The studio is specifically designed for audio-visual productions that require a hospital or healthcare setting.  It is conveniently located across the river from South Jersey and only 30 minutes south of Philadelphia, PA.  


For the past 10 years, BioMedia Communications has produced video and photo shoots within healthcare facilities throughout the DE-NJ-PA region.  We have strong relationships with dozens of hospitals in the area.  If your project requires access to a hospital or speciality unit, we can arrange that.  However, we can also offer our studio location as a viable option as well. 


The studio is fully furnished and includes a large hospital patient room, exam room, lab, RN station, computer stations, hallways, patient bathroom, break room, and a lobby.  Everything is fully functional, including the O2 and suction on the headwell in the patient room.  All rooms can be customized to fit your editorial and technical requirements.  Standard medical supplies and equipment are readily available.  To learn more, or discuss your next project, call Chris Merillo 302.654.5790 or email him at

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BioMedia Communications is committed to providing the safest possible work space for our crews, casts, and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are officially open for business and ready to safely produce your next video or photo production.  

In an effort to meet the most stringent sanitary requirements and beyond, BioMedia has increased the frequency and intensity of studio and equipment cleaning and closely adheres to the social distancing and safety guidelines suggested by the CDC.  The BioMedia production studio is a medical office that is stocked with masks, gloves, and other PPE that can be used while working in our space. BioMedia requires all staff and freelancers to follow our safety protocols when working within our studio space.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our cleaning processes and on-site protocols.    
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