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we bring media content to life

BioMedia Communications, LLC is a specialized media production company that captivates, educates, and motivates your audience through audio-visual communications.  Though we specialize in healthcare markets, we have recently expanded our services and solutions to all businesses.  


We consistently produce high end results, even when presented with challenging schedules and limited budgets.  BioMedia Communications is the ideal vendor for any company, marketing group, or government agency looking to produce professional level audio-visual content at a reasonable price point.  Regardless of your industry, BioMedia will bring your content to life. 

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video-audio  |  animation-graphics  |  photography

Simply put – BioMedia Communications helps publishers, educators, and businesses connect to their target audiences through video, animation, and photography solutions.    


We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to capture stunning visuals and crystal-clear audio, ensuring that your video looks and sounds its best. Whether you need a promotional video for your business, a set of explainer animations, a social media campaign, or just a few hours of editing, we have the expertise to develop your vision and bring it to into focus.  

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educating and promoting awareness to your audience

Much like our clients, our goal is to expand knowledge and awareness through educational and marketing solutions. We build bridges between educators and students, between businesses and clients, between you and your customers.  Our goal is to reach your audience, generate excitement, and to get their gears turning.  Whether it's through marketing or educational channels, we create content that promotes growth and success through multimedia.  In a time when video is the preferred format of consumption, BioMedia will set your ideas in motion.

Your success is our success!


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When you think video...think

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BioMedia Communications, LLC


United States of America

BioMedia Communications, LLC is now a certified GSA Schedule Contractor. The rigorous vetting process ensures our ability to deliver professional level video, animation, and photography solutions at competitive prices. 

Are you looking for a GSA sub-contractor to help produce a media elements of larger project?  We can help.  In addition to our marketing experience, we are uniquely specialized in producing educational, technical, and medical related content.  Contact us to learn more.

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Filming in hospitals and health care facilities are notoriously challenging.  Why deal with the high cost, limited space, limited availability, and health restrictions when you can shoot in a controlled studio?  BioMedia's studio is specifically designed for video productions that require a hospital or healthcare setting.  It is fully furnished and includes a large hospital patient room, exam room, lab, RN station, computer stations, hallways, patient bathroom, break room, and a lobby.  Unlike shooting on location in actual hospitals, the rooms at our studio can be customized to fit your editorial and technical requirements.  Standard medical supplies and equipment are readily available.  The studio is located the Wilmington, DE area, just 30 minutes south of Philadelphia, PA.


While we still maintain relationships with local hospitals and health care facilities in the PA-NJ-DE areas, the BioMedia Studio offers a much more convenient and cost-effective option for your audio-visual productions.  Click the “studio photos” button below to see photos of the studio or “let’s book it!” to contact our studio manager to discuss rental options.


Chris Merillo  |  Studio Manager

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